Class Descriptions

That's right, this class will get your adrenaline flowing! Class is designed to get you in YOUR best shap using intense-high energy drills, circuits, somatic exercises, tabata training, agility, balance, and speed, along with mental challenges. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and GET RESULTS!
Ask yourself, “Do I want to change my body shape?”  If you answered “Yes” then this is the class for you.  I will demonstrate resistance training in a whole new fashion – to build strength & endurance, not bulk. There will also  be cardio & HIIT drills to burn extra calories.  You will “shock” your muscles and build “sexy” arms, abs, glutes & legs.   Warning:  You may transform your physique!
This class blends together the style of Latin & Hip-Hop dance to create a fun “party-like” atmosphere.  You will experience a unique style of HEART healthy interval training that will “shock” both your aerobic & anaerobic systems.  The Latin beat will keep you movin, pumpin, gindin, and shakin it for the entire 45 minute class.
Stations, drills circuits, group work, and individual challenges....always something different with one goal in mind: IMPROVE HEART HEALTH! Workout in your aerobic zone to strengthen the vasular system, stamina and endurance.
Class description to follow
Class description to follow
RockSTAR Conditioning
At Fusion Fitness everyone is a RockSTAR!!! With Spin-stations, Tone-technique, Agility-abs, Relaxation.  You will work up an awesome sweat, improve endurance, and burn off a crazy number of kcals!!! Lead by a high energy instructor!  This integrated-cardiovascular based class that promises rapid results. This class will mainly challeng your aerobic system and your slow twitch muscle fibers therefore it is ideal for anyone new to a Bootcamp-style class. All levels are welcome!